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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Athletes of the Month: 12 U Stamford Stars

Our athletes of the month are the 12 U Stamford Stars.

This team doesn't just have the ability to win, they have a love for the game and for each other that surrounds them on and off the field. Just watch:

The Stars are heading to the championships, but they need some help to get there. While Babe Ruth Baseball pays for the flight, they do not pay for the hotel, food, or other transportation. Instead of celebrating, the day after the Stars win found them working as a team at a local shopping center, asking people for donations of any size to help them live their dream. 

One of the moms helping the team told me, "It was so exciting winning the game. Then they tell you about this cost and that cost and that we have to get everything together by this weekend. It's a little overwhelming."

The girls are standing together in uniform for this challenge too. And the multiple "thank yous" received for even the smallest donation makes it worth giving. To support the Stars email Colleen at cmbm65@gmail.com.

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