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  1. I am the author of a YA novel, "The Strength of Ballerinas" just published in Sept. 2014 by Sweetwater Books, an imprint of Cedar Fort Publications.

    My book is inspirational to girls who have a dream. Many people think that dreams are girlish, but dreams lead us on to achieve great things in life If we work for it through all the qualities that sports and elite sports offer, we gain:

    1) perseverance
    2) goal-setting
    3) patience
    4) teamwork
    5) work ethic

    These are not only teen sports goals, but also corporate goals in the modern workforce, as well that train young girls for future positions as innovators in all fields.

    In my novel, the main character, Kendra has to work through not only obstacles to achieve in her field (getting to the top of the elite world of ballet) but also to overcome additional barriers of devastating illness and a move away from her training center in NYC. Kendra keeps moving forward despite these obstacles with strength, culled from the center of her being, with sports-minded (and Spartan-like) determination. She truly finds herself as a person, and finds her niche for future career, all through her involvement with ballet.

    I would love some from your site to review my book, "The Strength of Ballerinas." I think it offers hope to those whose dreams may be thwarted, and inspires by the strength Kendra demonstrates. My social media is below:

    Website / Blog: www.Nancy-Lorenzauthor.com/blog

    Twitter: @NancyLorenzbks


    Nancy Lorenz