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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

5 Winter Wishes for our Awesome Readers +2 more

This holiday season at Sporty Girl Book blog, we are so thankful for our wonder readers who have embraced our new blog. Since we began in July, we have had over 10,000 page views from the US, Poland, Canada, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, China, Panama, Australia and Spain. Stacy, Kris, Robin, our contributing bloggers and I wish you good cheer. Here are five (+ one) other very special sporty wishes for all of our Sporty Girl Book Blog (SPG) readers…

1. League approved helmet. Check. Eye protection. Check. Pads. Check. Cool, colorful, new uniforms or training gear. Check. Whether it’s for safety or team spirit, SGB wishes you all the gear you need to be the best athlete ever.

2. Coaches are the people who take us to the next level. They notice what we need to improve, teach us how to get better, and challenge us to meet or exceed those expectations. Good coaches keep us safe, and encourage collaboration. SGB wishes you coaches who make you feel great about who you are and who help you see that you can be even better.

3. If you don’t have your health, you don’t have your sports season. Stay healthy by eating right, getting lots of sleep and knowing your own edge. It’s hard to say no to those great coaches and parents who want to push you to succeed, but you do need to communicate. If something hurts, tell someone even if it means taking a break on the sidelines to get medical attention before you get back into the game. SGB wishes you a healthy and injury free sports season.

4. When everyone on a team is working together sports are fun and rewarding. Even if you don’t play on a “team sport,” there are still people who help you be the best you can be: The girl in your barn who helped you muck out a stall when you were late; the boy who handed you a towel; the mom who drove your carpool. SGB wishes you a rockin’ team to help you succeed.

5. There comes a time in every sporty girl’s season when she needs help with school work, wants a hug, or just needs to vent. SGB wishes that you’ll always have a BFF who gets and supports you–– someone who knows your inside jokes and shares your secret handshake.

+1. You didn’t think that you’d get through this list of Sporty Girl Book blog wishes without books did you? Books, books, books! SGB wishes you awesome, keep-you-engaged, connect-with-you, challenge-you, surprise-you, sporty-girl books, AND the time to read them, AND the amazing librarians and booksellers to connect you with those books.

+2. Finally, SGB wishes that whether you are a sporty girl, a parent, a coach, or a writer you’ll keep coming back to Sporty Girl Books Blog to find great book suggestions, read up on fellow sporty girls, and see what’s new with your favorite sports. Keep spreading the word about Sporty Girl Books Blog again and again. Happy Holidays and Peace in the New Year!


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  1. Thanks for a wonderful year of Sporty Girl Books Blog and it's interesting that people in foreign countries found the blog. I like to pay tribute for a one sporty girl who inspired my novel. Taylor Addison. In high school, playing soccer, she scored school record (boys and girls) of 43 goals as freshman. She once scored six goals and four assists in the first half of a game. She was named four times MVP soccer team MVP in high school. Her soccer girl high school team won the 2009 Division championship. She is now playing soccer as sophomore at Delaware State University. Best wishes to her and all the girls playing sport. See your blog next year.