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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gift Ideas for Sporty Girls and Those Who Love Them

If you are one of the many shoppers out and about in the next weeks, here are some great gift ideas for the sporty reader in your life.

For sport book gift recommendations, please click on the book lists by age group in the tabs above or type "book" in the search bar. BOOKLIST online requires that you register for a 14 day free trial to read Core Collection: Sports Fiction for Girls. We also previously published this Let's Hear it for the Girls BOOKLIST link that was their response to an original sports books posting that listed fiction with only male protagonists. Support your local independent bookstore!

If you're looking for the one-of-a-kind, check out these handcrafted ideas from the Etsy website:

Picaboo Art Studio brings you this set of eight posters that make an incredible piece of sporty girl wall art. The set features ice hockey girl, soccer girl, golfer girl, and motivational panels, and can be customized.

There are so many options for sports and colors that I can't list them here. Visit Picaboo Art Studio.

EATcreations brings you "Lovingly hand stamped quality vintage cutlery, carefully sourced from around the globe...& a few other things too. Clean deep punch work impressions coming from years of stamp work experience." Here is the EATcreations Recycled Vintage Silver Spoon Bookmark. With the hand punched phrase: "Fell Asleep Here." This absolutely speaks to my reading habits.

From DesignsByAnnette comes a set of earrings that reminds your athlete about the importance of tenacity. Book Cover Earrings - The Little Engine Who Could - Typewriter Key jewelry

When I write, my hands and feet feel the cold first. These fingerless Little Women Writing Gloves from Storiarts include the lines, "I want my daughters to be beautiful, accomplished, and good. To be admired, loved, and respected," also "Better to be happy old maids than unhappy wives." We also wish them equal opportunities in all facets of their life. 

KimGilbert3 has taken one of my favorite quotes from Shakespeare and made it into a custom fierce pendant. This one features a birthstone bead and name as well. 

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


  1. These ideas are great. I also really love the clothing site https://throwlikeagirl.com. They have lots of sport specific clothing choices.