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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


L.S. Murphy is a fellow Bloomsbury Spark author, and I’m so excited that her book PIXELATED is finally out in the world. We’re so happy to feature it on Sporty Girl Books.

SGB: Linda, tell us about PIXELATED!

Pixelated is about 17 year-old Piper Marks who is forced to move from St. Louis to tiny Clarkton, Iowa for her senior year of high school where she falls for golden boy Les Williams IV who’s got a bit of a secret.

SGB: Can you tell us about the journey your book has taken to this point? How has it been different than you expected?

This book was a few decades in the making. Seriously. The opening scene of chapter 2 has Piper pulling up to her new school and seeing a row of tractors lined up in the parking lot. That hails back to my HS days when my creative writing teacher pointed out such a moment and said “If that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what is.” That’s one reason the book is dedicated to him.

SGB: I know you’ve written other titles—how has this process differed from those?

Each process is different. Each book has its own identity and personality. I can’t imagine them ever being similar. I also can’t imagine Piper  and Quincy (from REAPER) being in the same room together.

SGB: Writing instructors often tell new writers to "write what you know." How have your own experiences or emotions influenced this story? 

This is so close to my heart in many ways. Clarkton, Iowa is very loosely based on my hometown of Kahoka, Missouri. And some of Piper’s attitudes about small town life are things I’ve observed now that I live in St. Louis.

SGB: How does your book stand out in the expanding sporty girl book world? What makes it unique?

Football plays a small role in the story. Piper knows nothing about it, but she learns and begins to appreciate it in her own way. She has to step outside of her comfort zone so much. Plus the game itself is a bit of a metaphor for her new life.

Speed Round:
Bike or run? Why isn’t sitting an option? Bike
eBook or paper copy? (reading preference) BOTH.
Dance to loud music or talk with friends?  Dance.
If you could be any animal what would it be? My cat… PIPER. Yep, I have a cat named Piper. J

Thanks so much for being on Sporty Girls--good luck and I can't wait to read PIXELATED!

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