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Friday, June 14, 2013

Catherine Murdock's Favorite Sporty Read

(Robin here.) Laughing, dancing, and flailing, that's what I'm doing right now because I'm staring at an email from Catherine Murdock sitting all pretty in my email box.

And she was so sweet. She's offered to come on the blog later this year when Heaven is Paved with Oreos releases, so look for that in September! DJ, the main character from Dairy Queen, plays a major role in this companion book.

Are you ready for Catherine Murdock's favorite sporty read?
Here it is in all its glory:

My favorite sporty girl read as a kid was Fox Running, about a native American girl who wants to break the 4-minute mile. I still get goosebumps thinking about it! 

About the author: RR Knudson:
In an era when women's sports were virtually nonexistent, Rozanne Knudson blazed new trails by participating in male- dominated sports like football and basketball. She turned her then-considered roguish interests into many young adult books about strong female athletes. The classic novels Zanballer and Zanbanger feature a semi-autobiographical character with the author's own nickname, Zan. Knudson has done extensive research in many sports that has helped her write authoritatively on these subjects. In addition to her novels, Knudson has written biographies on Martina Navratilova and marathoner Julie Brown and has published two books of sports poems.

If RR Knudson were still living, I would have loved to have her on the blog. I'm excited to start reading her work and researching her life.

Thank you, Catherine Murdock, for sharing your favorite Sporty Read. We'll see you in September.


  1. Thank you Catherine Murdock for reaching out to us. And thank you Robin for writing such a great post that got her attention. I will look forward to hearing about her new book.

  2. Whoo-Hoo! Thanks to Catherine for reaching out--and to Robin for inspiring her to!