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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Playing with the Boys - Guest Post By Ellie and Karina

My guests this week are Ellie and Karina. Ellie and Karina play soccer with their town's U10 girls travel team. They also are often the only girls in their grade playing soccer with the boys at recess. They have written a story they would like to share with you called Girls Do Sports Too.

Girls Do Sports Too!
by Ellie and Karina

Have you ever been told by a boy that girls play sports weaker than boys? That is NOT true! Our names are Karina and Ellie, and we are going to tell you why that is wrong.
On the first day of school in 3rd grade we walked into school together. We met our teacher, had writing class, and then had recess.
At recess, we decided to play soccer being the only girls there. As we approached the soccer field, one boy came up to us and said, “Girls can’t play, they're horrible at sports. Go away.” 
“Why not?” we asked the boys. 
The boys answered, “Because they’re slow, not strong, and not athletic.”
“We’ll prove you wrong by showing you a soccer game.”
"Deal!” said the boys. “The best two boys have to play Ellie and Karina.  We’ll play you tomorrow at lunch recess.”
The next morning we walked into school and saw the boys sitting on a bench. “Hey girls be prepared to get crushed at soccer!” The boys laughed.
We nodded to each other, “Ya right.” We had gym, writing, then lunch and recess. At gym we practiced soccer and that was helpful.
After two hours it was time to get the game started. It was the two of us playing two other boys.
We started with the ball. We passed the ball back and forth, then the boys took the ball away from us. They almost scored a goal, but Ellie defended it.
She passed to me and I was zooming up the field while she followed me. I gave a big kick .... and I scored!!
Nice goal,” Ellie told me as she gave me a high five.
The boys started out with the ball, since we scored the awesome goal. They started dribbling up the field but my foot touched the ball and it went out. The boys had the throw in. 
“Sorry Karina,” Ellie shouted to me. Ellie thought to herself that the boys must have have a far throw in, so she moved back. The boys threw the ball quickly but instead she trapped it. 
Suddenly Ellie started sprinting up the field the boys started coming. The boys were coming right for me and she saw Karina wide open so she passed to her. Our teacher yelled “Two minutes.” Karina was about to score a goal but then the whistle blew. “Nice try,” Karina told them. 
“Ouch, bad loss,” screamed the boys watching the game. 
We did it! We proved the boys wrong. Girls are as equal as boys.
The lesson in this story is to always have courage that you can beat the boys. Also that boys are not better than girls at sports.

What do you love about playing soccer?
Karina and Ellie: We love playing soccer because it’s a fun experience and a good exercise

Why do you think more girls don't play sports at recess?
Karina and Ellie: They are embarrassed that they might lose or mess up against the boys. Also because they think boys are better and they don't have the courage.

Is there anything that the school or teachers could do to get more girls to play?
Karina and Ellie:  Probably no, but the teachers could always make sure the boys don’t say no when girls ask to play.

What else do you love to do?
Karina and Ellie: We love sports! We also love to cook, go outside, paint, and play with friends.

What advice would you give a girl who wants to play with the boys at recess?
DO IT!!!!!!! don’t be afraid and have courage

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  1. Hooray for Ellie and Karina. You are right that it takes courage to speak up and make change. I'm glad you have found a way to have fun and get great exercise at recess. You've probably made some friends that you didn't have before. It's too bad that you had a boys against the girls experience. It's so much more fun when we all work and play together! Thanks for visiting Sport Girl Books!