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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Researching Concussions

In between fiction projects, I recently took a nonfiction assignment. I’m writing about concussions. It’s a very timely subject, but writing for a fourth and fifth grade level is a little tricky on this serious subject.

Did you know that according to the CDC girls are most likely to get a concussion while playing soccer or while biking than any other activity? *

Boys are more likely to suffer from concussions while playing football. 

The takeaway from all the research I’ve been doing is this:

  • Ask some key questions if you suspect a concussion.
a.     Do you remember what happened?
b.     What is the date?
c.     Can you remember the last play?
  • Observe the person.
a.     Do they seem dizzy?
b.     Can they walk in a straight line?
c.     Do they appear “off” in any way?
d.     Do they complain of a headache?

If you even suspect a possible concussion—even if the person says they are okay—ask them some questions and observed their behavior. If they seem “off” in any way, make them sit out the game and get medical assistance as soon as possible. A second hit after a first concussion, can be devastating and, sometimes, deadly.

I don't have a publication date for my book, but it will likely be next fall.

I recommend Robert Cantu’s book CONCUSSIONS AND OUR KIDS: http://robertccantumd.com/concussions-and-our-kids/

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