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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Looking back: October, November, December, January

Welcome to week three of our blogiversary. This we are looking back at our second four months. Comment on any previous posts for more points towards prizes.

October brought us three great sporty book reviews and a look into the connection between fantasy and sporty girl books. Not all of the books scored points with our reviewers. Sporty Girl Books bloggers don't mind a little romance but we want believable sports (and world building), with female protagonists who learn and grow, and plots that surprise and engage. Check out these posts: 

WILD CARDS: a Sporty Book Review

Does Fantasy Have a Place in Sporty Girl Books?

In November, our bloggers reported on star lacrosse player Erin Kenedy from Cary, NC. She's dedicated and competitive and one to watch. Everyone in the ballet world is watching Misty Copeland. Read about her Black Girls Rock Award and Debbie Allen's picture book, DANCING IN THE WINGS. Whether or not you're a golfer you'll want to learn about The First Tee organization and their Nine Core Values for young (and young at heart) athletes. I'm a big fan of our Girls in Sports News Roundups and would love to see more of these. How about you?

If I had known then, that December was going to be the start of the winter from... well you know, I would have bought a lot more books, and I would have started with Racing Savannah which, after our posting, went on to get a lot of great press. We interviewed one of the top steeplechase runners of her generation, and a pre-med student at Yale University, Kira Garry.  Later in the month we got more philosophical with an essay on why role models are so important to young female athletes. Finally, we published holiday wishes for our readers. 

January may have been one of my favorite months because we had five (5) great blog posts. BEING SLOANE JACOBS, is a freaky Friday switch between a figure skater and a hockey player-- both named Sloane. Justine Siegal, baseball pioneer, graced us with an interview about the importance of allowing girls to play. Agent, Julia A. Weber talked about why publishing sporty girl books can be life changing for readers. Finally, we posted awesome videos and information about Women to Watch during the Sochi Olympics. Take a look! How did your favorites do?

Remember, you can help us celebrate our blogiversary all month long and enter to win either a sporty girl book we featured this year, a doll and book from Go!Go! Sports, or a copy of the July 2014 The Writer Magazine (that has a Sporty Girl Book blog shout out!). Take a look at the Rafflecopter widget to the right and enter early and often!!!

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