Welcome to SPORTY GIRL BOOKS. At SPORTY GIRL, we want to give all girls the chance to love, watch, play, read, and write about any sport that interests them. We look forward to the day when the words, "You play like a girl," is the biggest compliment anyone can receive.

Books for Teens

Fiction Books for Teens

Padian, Maria  Jersey Tomatoes Are the Best 
Ellen, Tom & Lucy Ivison  Never Evers

Cochrane, Mick  The Girl Who Threw Butterflies
Park, Linda Sue  Keeping Score

Mackel, Kathy  Boost
Revoyr, Nina  Necessary Hunger
Shepard, Nicole Leigh  Head Games (Pretty Tough Series)

Pyron, Bobby  The Ring

Figure Skating
Comeaux, Jennifer  Edge Series
Morrill, Lauren  Being Sloane Jacobs
Van Ark, Katie  The Boy Next Door 

Elkeles, Simone Wild Cards
Kenneally, Miranda  Catching Jordan
Murdock, Catherine Gilbert  Dairy Queen, The Off Season, Front and Center
Shepard, Nicole Leigh  Playing With the Boys (Pretty Tough Series)
Syms, Carly  Cinderella in Cleats

Fichera, Liz Hooked

Carter, Caela  Tumbling
Cross, Julie  Letters to Nowhere

Asselin, Kristine Carlson Any Way You Slice It
Hedley, Cara  Twenty Miles
Hyde, Natalie  Hockey Girl
Morrill, Lauren  Being Sloane Jacobs
Sullivan, Kelli  Ice in My Veins

Martial Arts
Sarah Skilton Bruised

Roller Derby
Cross, Shauna  Derby Girl

Heppermann, Christine Ask Me How I Got Here
Moriarty, Jaclyn  Feeling Sorry for Celia

Mackey, Weezie Kerr  Throwing Like a Girl
Shepard, Nicole Leigh  Stealing Bases (Pretty Tough Series)
Peters, Julie Anne  Far from Xanadu

Stokes, Paula The Art of Lainey
Choat, Beth  Soccerland
FitzGerald, Dawn  Soccer Chicks Rule
Shepard, Nicole Leigh  Pretty Tough (Pretty Tough Series)
Aronson, Sarah   Beyond Lucky

Shepard, Nicole Leigh  Making Waves (Pretty Tough Series)
Freeman, Lisa Honey Girl

Cadnum, Michael  Heat
Duder, Tessa In Lane Three, Alex Archer
Luutsema, Nat  Goldfish

Iacopelli, Jennifer  Game, Set, Match
Padian, Maria  Jersey Tomatoes Are the Best 
Shepard, Nicole Leigh  Fifteen Love (Pretty Tough Series)
Seles, Monica and James LaRosa  The Academy: Game On

Do you have a favorite? Did you love a book that we haven't listed? Please leave a comment below.


  1. You might wish to add for Soccer the book "Defending Irene" by Kristen Wolden Nitz.

    1. Thanks for letting us know, Gioria. I just added it to our middle grade list.

  2. Great to see a list like this and a website for sporty girls! I'm visiting via YA Highway. I loved The Dairy Queen. Jersey Tomatoes was really well done - the author is a tennis player. The Girl Who Through Butterflies was terrific but more MG than YA. There are also a lot of horse back riding girl books, if you want another category.

    Add to the figure skating category: Undercover by Beth Kephart, one of my favorites.

    I really enjoyed books from the Pretty Tough series, but I have a correction. The first two books in the series, Playing with the Boys and Pretty Tough are by Liz Tigelaar, a different author. Head Games and Stealing Bases are by Keri Mikulski. Nicole Leigh Shephard is the pen name Keri used for the last two books (15 Love and Breaking Waves) in the Pretty Tough Series. Keri/Nicole was a 3 season varsity athlete and then coached. Those books are a great choice for reluctant readers.

    I'm working on a sporty girl novel myself, which my agent will be shopping to publishers later this year. Back to revisions...

  3. Thanks for your post, Sarah. When we first listed the Pretty Tough series we had them under the two author's names, but Keri Mikulski asked us to change it to the pen. I do plan to interview Keri sometime soon so she can talk about that more herself. She has been a big help to us in getting this blog started.

  4. So cool to find you guys! New follower..
    This fall, my agent will be shopping a YA mystery about a girl who participates in the Iditarod.
    And I'm in the middle of a novel about a young diver who wants to make the Olympic team.
    Very glad you're blogging!!

    1. Melodie, congrats on your manuscripts. Tell us when they are available for review!

  5. Was looking around for a site for the young ladies I coach (cross country season isn't that far away) and found you. Very nice!

    I have two books that you might want to check out. Finishing Kick ended up on Running Times Summer Reading list in 2014 while Trail of Second Chances has won an IndieB.R.A.G medallion. The first is available in paper, ebook, and audio. The second in paper and ebook.

    As for the 'play like a girl' comment up top, 'run like a girl' is a compliment in a lot of races like the Leadville 100 - women out-finish men in the race by about 2-1. I don't mind when people say I run like a girl.

    Why I write like a girl, I've no idea.