Welcome to SPORTY GIRL BOOKS. At SPORTY GIRL, we want to give all girls the chance to love, watch, play, read, and write about any sport that interests them. We look forward to the day when the words, "You play like a girl," is the biggest compliment anyone can receive.

Review Policy

Our Review Request Policy:

Sporty Girl Books accept review requests for sporty girl books targeted at ages birth to teen. We accept review copies from large publishers, eBook publishers, and from requesting authors. Please send us an email with a description of the book, the age group it targets, and any other information you feel is important. A reviewer will contact you with information on where and how to send a review copy. 
We are happy to be part of blog tours, cover revels, and book contests and we love to interview the authors of the books we enjoy.
We do our best to review books in a timely manner, but in some cases there might be a delay. If you are approaching a launch date and need us to review your book by a certain time, please indicate that in your initial email. Please note that we cannot accept every review request but we will try to get back to you either way.
If we do accept your book for review, please be aware that we will give you a review that is fair and honest. 

Self-Published Policy:
We are happy to review self-published books that are published with quality in mind. If we receive your book and feel it is not appropriate for the intended market or find that it has multiple editing mistakes, we may choose not to display it on the blog. We believe firmly that there are times that sporty girl books can only get into the market by going the non-traditional route, but that route needs to be taken seriously to get our consideration. Please be professional and understanding if we choose not to review your book.

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