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Your Stories

Are you a sporty girl? We at SPORT GIRL BOOKS want to hear all about your experiences. Please leave a story below.

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  1. My story is that I wrote a novel where the heroine, 17 year old Petra from Germany, moves to New York City and play girls' soccer at her high school. She is the best free kick striker in her team and that comes handy in the final game. Her best friend and secondary heroine, Alexis, also play soccer. Petra was introduced to soccer by her father who was a big fan of Hamburg soccer team. He took her to the games and started playing soccer at early age. In the book her team plays three soccer games and win the championship of New York High School Girls Soccer. In order to make it realistic I read a few novels about girls soccer, watched a few movies about girls soccer, and also read about NY High School Girls Soccer.
    Girls sport should start at early age and for a great watching of little girls and boys soccer, watch on YouTube "Jenna soccer 10.9.12 Q3".
    The challenge for me was to describe the sequence of the soccer games realistically. Naturally, you can't write a book only about girls' soccer. Like most sporty girl books, it is only one story in my novel. But, by making the heroine a sporty girl you give her confidence and strength, making her a fighter. Best wishes for all the girls to become sporty girls.

    1. We'd love to know why you decided to write this story. What made you interested in having a girl soccer star as your main character?

  2. In my novel the main character, and her best girlfriend ever are fighters for a cause. After seeing again on TV the movie "Bend it like Beckham" (2012), I added these two girls playing soccer as a secondary story. The movie is about two girls in their last year in high school who play soccer, their friendship and their conflict about love. The elements of friendship and conflict about love between two high school girls were already in my novel, so adding girls' soccer to the story was a natural addition. Both girls play offensive in the soccer game which fit well with their spirit of being "fighters".

  3. I feel among the luckiest of writers because my published books have followed the trajectory of my active life. First it was "Becoming an Ironman: First Encounters with the Ultimate Endurance Event," as I was training and racing as an endurance athlete myself. Then came "See Mom Run," my first children's book, published the same month my twin girls were born. I had two more kiddos, another daughter then a son, and while I was trying to get my move on and be my children's fitness mentor, I co-wrote "Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom. Now I am raising three sporty girls (and one sporty boy, who also happens to love to dance and sing) and I get the honor of writing a children's book series for Go! Go! Sports Girls. I love my life. What a great website. You are bookmarked!

  4. My name is Katie Van Ark and I wasn't always a sporty girl. In elementary school, I was overweight and my lack of depth perception due to vision problems (I have double “lazy eye”) meant I pretty much sucked at any sports involving a ball. I failed volleyball in gym class. I was so bad at tennis that when our school got a new student who was a refugee from a third world country, the teacher placed her just above me in the rankings, figuring no one could possibly be worse than me.
    I started swimming in middle school and the sport saved me. I finally got into shape, started eating more healthy, and felt good about myself. I made the varsity team in high school and went on to swim in college, where my event was the mile! After college I wanted to stay in shape but was ready for a change after spending years being chlorinated. A friend of mine from my high school team and I decided to sign up for classes on Egyptian belly dancing and figure skating. While belly dancing was fun (and a great workout), it was skating that won our hearts and we both went on to compete (and medal) at the U.S. Figure Skating Adult National Championships. Now that I have two sporty daughters, I don't have as much time to train but I enjoy skating with my synchronized team for fun, exercise, and friendship.

    Sports were a challenge for me but my experiences with swimming and skating taught me a lot about dedication and discipline and gave me the belief that I could really do anything I put my mind to. So I decided to take on another project and write a sporty book. I'm excited to announce the upcoming release of my figure skating novel, being published by MacMillan's Swoon Reads imprint in February 2015. The novel is titled The Boy Next Door, and it's a young adult love story about two teenagers who are next door neighbors as well as figure skating partners.

  5. Ryann Dannelly has left a new comment on your post "About Us":

    I just found this blog and completely love it! I grew up playing sports but was never able to find/read any books about girls athletes that I really connected with.

    Now fast forward a skip and a hop, after having attended college on a full athletic scholarship to play Div. I basketball, I'm now a writer. Because of said lack of girl sports books (and because of my personal investment in the subject matter), I ended up writing a YA contemporary about a girl during freshman year who's balancing college basketball with everything else. (Think Rainbow Rowell's Fangirl but with college athletics instead of fan fiction).

    I'm currently in the process of querying it (a couple agents already have the full manuscript), but if you guys know of any literary agents particularly looking for sporty girl books, I'd love to show them some love in my search.

    Thanks for your help and love the blog topic! Go sporty girls!